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Page history last edited by David B 11 years, 7 months ago



1. progmon can access the mail server, kpcaex1h.
2. progdev cannot.
3. progdev can, however, access progmon.

to set up an ssh tunnel to forward mail traffic through progmon,
I ran this command on progdev:

ssh -l root -L 25:kpcaex1h:25 -N mhmafs03

this says that as root (-l option), ssh to mhmafs03 (-N option) and
any traffic sent to (the rest of the arguments come from the
"-L 25:kpcaex1h:25") port 25 (the first "25") on localhost will be
forwarded through mhmafs03 to port 25 (the second "25") on kpcaex1h

It's easiest, if you don't want the connection to be permanent, to
run it as root on progdev and leave that terminal program running.

You can also use screen to detatch it, the modified ssh to pass
in the password or ssh trust to allow the connection to be 
established with no password.  Think about security, though.

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