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How to set up cron on cygwin



Better Way


source: http://csc.csudh.edu/kleyba/cygwin-cron.pdf


backup: http://tinypig.pbworks.com/f/cygwin-cron.pdf



Old Way


  • Install cron package
  • Install cygrunsrv package
  • Then, at a bash prompt:



cygrunsrv -I "cron" -p /usr/sbin/cron -a '-D' -e "CYGWIN=ntsec"
cygrunsrv --start "cron"


  • If you want to see programs start on your desktop, don't forget to turn on:
    • Start->Settings->Control Panel->Administrative Tools->Services->Cygwin cron->Properties->General tab->Allow service to interact with desktop

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