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Page history last edited by David B 11 years, 8 months ago


" Lots of help from Eric Andreychek's .vimrc and numerous others
" Folding configuration
":set foldmethod=marker
" Edit and uncomment next line if you want non-default marker
":set foldmarker={{{,}}}
":syntax enable

map z @a
map <F2> :set invnumber

":map <F3> a:.,$s/^/          /
map <F4> :close<CR>
map <F5> /TAGGY

map <F6> maF'r"f'r"`a
map <F7> yypkI#<ESC>j
map ,s :source ~/.dmbvimrc<CR>
map ,v :e ~/.vimrc<CR>
map ,q :close<CR>
map <C-A> <Home>
map <C-E> <End>

nmap <tab> I<tab><esc>
nmap <s-tab> ^i<bs><esc>

vmap <tab> >gv
vmap <s-tab> <gv

iabbrev #!p #!/usr/bin/perl -w<CR><BS><CR>use strict;<CR><ESC>:filetype detect<CR>i

set autoindent
set backspace=2
set bg=light
set comments=b:#,:%,fb:-,n:>,n:)
set expandtab
set formatoptions=cqrt
set keywordprg=perldoc -f
set laststatus=2
set list
set listchars=tab:ùð,trail:Ü
set nobackup
set nocompatible
set nohlsearch
set noswapfile
set nowritebackup
set number
set ruler
set scrolloff=3
set shiftwidth=4
set showmatch
set smartindent
set softtabstop=4
set t_vb=
set textwidth=78
set title
set tabstop=4
set ul=0
set viminfo=%,'50,"100,:100,n~/.viminfo
set visualbell
set whichwrap=<,>,h,l
set wildmenu
set wildmode=list:longest,full

syntax on

"inoremap # X#
noremap <silent> ,c kmxjd'aGpmy:.,$s/^/#/<CR>'ydG'xp
noremap <silent> ,C kmxjd'aGpmy:.,$s/^#//<CR>'ydG'xp
noremap <silent> ,f mxV'a>`x
noremap <silent> ,d mxV'a<`x
"colorscheme darkblue
colorscheme elflord

" Mmmmm... tab completetion
function! InsertTabWrapper(direction)
    let col = col('.') - 1
    if !col || getline('.')[col - 1] !~ 'k'
        return "<tab>"
    elseif "backward" == a:direction
        return "<c-p>"
        return "<c-n>"

"inoremap <S-tab> <c-r>=InsertTabWrapper ("backward")<cr>
"inoremap <tab> <c-r>=InsertTabWrapper ("forward")<cr>

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