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Mysql Cheat Sheet


Database:      show databases;
               create database dbname;
               use database dbname;
Tables:        show tables;
create table tablename (id char(2), date DATE, norooms INT(5));
Example, including key and auto-increment     
create table requests (id int auto_increment, name char(255), business char(255), primary key (id));
create table county (id int(11) not null auto_increment primary key,name char(100));
create table events (id int(11) not null auto_increment, title varchar(50), loc varchar(50), desc1 char(255), desc2 char(255), url char(100), directions char(255), address char(255), phone char(100), primary key (id));
Information:     describe tablename;
Change:          alter table dist add column (url char(100));
Add auto-increment:     alter table ids modify column id int(11) auto_increment primary key;
Change column name (rename column):    alter table buyers change column hotel hotelid int;
Add column after specific column:    alter table sites add column page char(30) after id;
Add column at start:    alter table sitetype add column tid char(4) first;
Basic query:     select * from tablename;
Highest value from int type column:    SELECT MAX(id) as id from contacts

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