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Page history last edited by David B 11 years, 5 months ago

Find where the eval warning is coming from:




use strict;
use warnings; # This directive causes Perl to warn you about dubious coding
use Carp ();

# This overrides the way warnings work, "cluck"ing so you know the
# call stack at the time of the eval
local $SIG{__WARN__} = &Carp::cluck;

sub greetings { print "Hello" }

eval 'sub greetings { print "Hi" }';


Changing the warning handler (the line local $SIG...etc) changes this:



$ ./s.pl
Subroutine greetings redefined at (eval 1) line 1.


To this:



$ ./s.pl
Subroutine greetings redefined at (eval 1) line 1.
        eval 'sub greetings { print "Hi" }
;' called at ./s.pl line 11

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