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quit:                    ctrl-x ctrl-c
save:                    ctrl-x ctrl-s
page forward:            ctrl-v
page back:               esc v
redraw screen:           ctrl-l (L not 1)
f)orward one character:  ctrl-f
b)ack one character:     ctrl-b
go to n)ext line:        ctrl-n
go to p)revious line:    ctrl-p
f)orward one word:       esc f
b)ackward one word:      esc b
beginning of file:       esc <
end of file:             esc >
repeat stuff:            ctrl-u (digits) (command)
  ex: (go fwd 10 chrs)   ctrl-u 10 ctrl-f
brk/clr (like vi's esc): ctrl-g
insert ********:         ctrl-u 8 *
undo:                    ctrl-x u - easier version: ctrl-_
delete cha after cursor  ctrl-d
kill prev word:          esc del
kill next word:          esc d
kill to end of line:     ctrl-k
kill misc:               ctrl-space to set mark,
                         then move cursor, then ctrl-w to kill text
insrt (yank) killed txt: ctrl-y
yank previous kill:      esc y
  ex: kill a word, then kill another word
      position the cursor and then ctrl-y.
      note that word.  esc y.  Note what 
      it is now.
forward s)earch:         ctrl-s
r)everse search:         ctrl-r
  ex: ctrl-s, then type a word.  Do NOT
      press Enter.  Instead, press ctrl-s
      again and it will move forward to 
      the next occurrence.  Press delete
      and it will move to the previous 
      occurrence.  ctrl-r works the same
      way, but starts backward and del
      moves forward.  Return ends the
      search and puts you there.
get out of command:      ESC ESC ESC

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